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Comparison Between Wooden Pallets and Plastic Pallets

Durability and service lifespan are some of the benefits of plastic pallets over wooden pallets. You find that plastic pallets are long lasting and sturdy compared to wooden pallets. Not only that but plastic pallets support a large number of items of different weights many times. Wooden pallets cannot withstand being forklifted and transported over long distances. Apart from that, plastic pallets are also resistant to weathering resulting in a long service plan. You find that most of the plastic pallets are difficult to repair, but they are always ten times tougher than wooden pallets. As a result, this will help in reducing the cost through transport and waste.

Another point to be discussed is safety, hygiene, and transportation. This is because of their unique chemical and physical characteristics making them the best choice for airfreight. Another benefit is that plastic is resistant to many chemicals and acids making them free from contamination. Not only those plastic pallets are also light making them safe since they will not cause injuries even if they fall. This is not true with wooden pallets since they have some protruding nails which can cause very serious injuries when they fall on workers. You will not have to worry about fumigation and inspection when dealing with plastic pallets since they don’t need that.

Customizability is another benefit of plastic pallets. As a result, the company will be able to make the pallets into styles that meet their needs. Some FRID chips can also be molded into pallets and used as a tracking device. This is something that is not possible with wooden pallets due to inflexibility.

People also prefer plastic pallets since they are cheap. You find that most of the people have switched to wooden pallets since they are affordable. For that reason, they have also gone ahead to make different designs that will fit the needs of different companies. You can also get some cheap options that have been made from recycled resins. This is something that wooden pallets cannot offer in the first place.

Apart from that, plastic pallets are odor resistance and light in weight. Being that they are light in weight make handling them and transporting them to be easy and cheap too. Apart from that, they are resistant to bad smell even if they are rained on or some it has experienced some spills. In this case you will easily clean the plastic pallets to remove bad odor. I guess you will have a hard time with wooden pallets as cleaning them is not an easy task.

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