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Benefits of Using Whizzinator

Whizzinator Touch is a wish-granting device, that parallels a urine kit in both optics and functionality. A better device has not been made to echo a real life private part. Adult games in sexual fetishes and passing out synthetic urine are some of the lab-made capabilities of the Whizzinator Touch. The male urinary organ, -the private part, for the lot that slept through anatomy class, and life- is imitated by design, format and function by the whizzinator kit.

What makes it come close to the real thing is the heater packs that keep the fake piss uniform with the body temperature.Part of its features include a complementary syringe that you use to get the synthetic piss in the attached pouch, for release ,when deemed necessary.

The first model of the Whizzinator was made, going on and off, at the flicker of a switch. We have gone through icebergs to get to this part, where we all learn, how it works.The Whizzinator Touch, unlike its older model requires touch to stimulate.

Squeeze the head, and the urine flow is released .Squeeze brings release. For the population that claims power in the colors, their breaths are drawn away by the shades that the Whizzinator comes in. The whizzinator touch comes in black, nothing stops it, from coming in tan,with that Latino touch-it couldn’t be better ,it also comes in white, and Brown has never been wrong with the Whizzinator Touch.To all enthusiasts of the whizzinator, this First Aid Synthetic Urine kit comes loaded with an instruction manual.

This is a medical level urine kit, that has been trusted, constantly tested in real- life situations. Law enforcement agencies, medical licences, the makers of this device, even the occasional adult, all emphasis the importance of the Whizzinator not being used for illegal purposes but as a member of the adult games enterprises,-by consenting adults, no doubt.This is in view of the countless caught cases of people trying to outsmart their way through a supervised drug test by using the Whizzinator.

There is a female whizzinator. Those who speak in experience chuck the female Whizzinator down to a hose-like structure with an easy to flick switch that when properly situated, makes it look like peeing. It is a federal offense, as is the case with the male whizzinator to use the power of this device for evil-which basically means to cheat in drug tests. The reason the whizzinator stands out above most of other kits is it is easy to use, complemented by its availability as a complete package with a syringe and a synthetic urine vile.

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